I believe in the 2nd amendment. I own three guns: a .22 rifle we use as kids to hunt groundhogs; a shotgun once owned by Jessie Warders, an uncle by marriage who was the Republican State Legislator who introduced the 1966 Kentucky Civil Rights Bill; and a .357 handgun owned by a cousin, Clinton Cunningham, a Kentucky State Trooper killed in the line of duty, given to me by my uncle, his father.  I believe in responsible gun ownership but what I don’t believe in is the need for military style guns in the hands of civilians. There are an estimated 8 million AR 15s in our country, assumed owned by law abiding citizens. My position is that 8 million is enough. Let’s stop the manufacture of these arms for civilian use and let current owners of AR15s keep their guns as a now more valued collector’s item.

The problem is not NRA members, but NRA leadership that has failed to educate its members on the 2nd amendment’s intent. I also believe NRA members are unwittingly being used by gun manufacturers as a tool for the manufacturers to put profit over people.