My mother had a stroke nine years before her death at the age of 96 and was unable to care for herself. I made it my mission to give her the best care I could, becoming her caregiver each night. I learned not only the compassion for taking care of those Christ calls on us to aid but also the need to make sure Kentuckians have options to the best possible affordable health care. We had a program in Kentucky that most experts said was working. But rather then improve it the Republicans dismantled it at the cost of Kentuckians who have not been as fortunate as many living in our district. The 36th district should lead not follow; we should take the initiative in compassion and not be stuck with laws that hurt people and make us look small.

I support Organized Labor. I have seen the good work of teachers and autoworkers unions. Unionization has worked for the betterment of the workplace and for working class people. I have witnessed it myself over the years, and marched with the AFL-CIO in Washington D.C. However, while most unions have been inclusive some have not been as much so and must become more inclusive as we seek to ensure prevailing wages are paid.