Raised by a single mother due to the death of my father in 1960, I saw a displaced homemaker suddenly go from the duties of keeping house and raising four children, to managing a dairy operation; going into the barn to milk cows at 4:00 am and again at 4:00 pm to keep food on the table and get us through college.

One of my greatest honors was to be asked to serve as part of the first class of men to sit on the board of the Center for Women & Families, one of the premiere spouse abuse centers in the country. I also served on the board of Wednesday’s Child. Serving on these boards as well as working for the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights gives me a unique understanding of the struggles women go and have gone through.

I believe in a woman’s right to choose I was taught that the lord takes care of children until they reach the age of understanding. We spend too much time concerned about the unborn instead of that woman who felt she had so few choices.  I believe you cannot change God’s plan, if you are meant to be here you will be here; ask Moses or Jesus who both were sought to be killed as babies.